Blogging day 3: Lady Gaga’s Impact on Fashion

The definition of a fashion innovator is a person who buys fashions that have just come out, and haven’t been exposed to the masses. They wear these fashions and eventually the looks get translated into a ready to wear version for everyone to buy. One major fashion innovator of our time right now is Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is a pop musician that may get talked about more because of her crazy fashion sense than her actual music. She has even received awards for her avant-garde approach to everyday fashion. “According to the Council’s website, at the group’s 2011 Fashion Awards this June in New York City, Gaga will receive the Fashion Icon Award, given each year to ‘an individual whose signature style has had a profound influence on fashion.’” (“Lady gaga fashion design, 2011). She co-designs many of her stage looks for her concerts and gets highly publicized in them. What truly makes her a fashion innovator is that the major avant-garde designers, such as Jean Paul Gaultier for example, take inspiration from her dress and have debut it on the runways of fashion week. “Allusions to this pop culture omnivore (who is attired by a Warholian gaggle of twentysomethings working under the moniker Haus of Gaga) [were found] at the haute couture in Paris. And yet it was hard not to detect a hint of the Gaga effect in Gaultier Paris‘ leg-bearing bodysuits, Christian Lacroix’s sculptural skirts, Givenchy’s dangling chains, and even the pouf-skirted finale dress at Chanel.” (lomrantz, 2009).  When you can influence designers to design their clothing around a style that you have made popular, you have to be a fashion innovator.




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3 thoughts on “Blogging day 3: Lady Gaga’s Impact on Fashion

  1. whiteunt01 says:

    Love Lady gaga!! I saw that Jean Paul Gaultier piece at the exhibit here in Dallas last month and had no idea he had been inspired by her!! It was definitely one of my favorite costumes in the Metropolis themed room! Lady GaGa is a total fashion innovator…not sure I ever look to her as inspiration but I can see how those like Gaultier would!

  2. Elizabeth Gutierrez says:

    Well said if you can influence designers to create around you innovations, you must be doing something right! Lady Gaga has truly taken a simple dress or outfit to another level influencing individualism in everyone.

  3. maddwasabi says:

    i love lady gaga as well! she is a true artist and very sensitive to change in fashion. in her latest music video she mentioned how she thinks mint will be huge this season and all of a sudden i see mint everywhere. it made me wonder, was mint really going to be huge this season, or is it huge because gaga mentioned it?

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