Blogging Day #4: Hipsters

The trickle up fashion theory is when fashions start as street fashions or from the lower class and eventually trickle up to be high fashion. One of the most major examples of this is the Punk rock movement in the 1970’s. “Punk was as much a youthful reaction against older generations, considered oppressive and outdated, as a product of the newly recognized and influential youth culture. “ (Price, n.d.) The Punks were street kids who wanted to challenge the norms of society. They would dress zanier than normal in order to get a reaction out of people. Vivienne Westwood is one of the first designers to move punk from the streets to the runway. She is even called the mother of punk despite it not actually being her that started it. In the 21st century the punk rock movement is definitely diluted. Now instead of hardcore punks driving fashion is has developed into the ‘hipster’ style. The hipster style is one that bores from young adults in the middle classes of America who go against mainstream fashions and mainstream music. This is strange because it is now “cool” to be a hipster and it has become the mainstream fashion. “When we talk about the contemporary hipster, we’re talking about a subcultural figure who emerged by 1999, enjoyed a narrow but robust first phase until 2003, and then seemed about to dissipate into the primordial subcultural soup, only to undergo a reorganization and creeping spread from 2004 to the present.” (Greif, 2010) Other subcultures in the punk rock area include the emo punk, the skater punk, and even the goth styles. All of which, still are utilized today and have been developed off of each other. What is more interesting is how the hipster movement is now separating into 2 different subculteres, the Hipsters and the chic-sters. The chic-sters have the same aesthetic as the hipsters but their clothing is name brand and not bought out of the thrift store like the hipsters. The only way this new style could even emerge was if the hipster style trickled its way up into the name brand category.



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2 thoughts on “Blogging Day #4: Hipsters

  1. bradshaw12 says:

    Nice article and a good creative choice of a fashion movement that trickled up. I did not realize that Punks are now referred to as Hipsters because it has become so mainstream. And I definitely agree that Vivienne Westwood is the queen of this all.

  2. MBlack says:

    The whole “hipster” era is fairly new to me- I guess its comparable to those in the punk rock movement. Skinny jeans although inspired in this group,”hipsters,” really became known even before the 1950s but mostly popular in that period specifically with Elvis Presley and now 2012 Lil Wayne and many more. The image although provides balance within the fashion world-much like a ‘hip’ does to humans!

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