Blogging Day #5: Wearing The Internet

Wearable technology is becoming a big trend, mostly due to the quick advancement of technology. The fast paced advancement of fashion, makes technology and fashion a logical match made in heaven. With the powers of both combined, people everywhere can have faster and more direct access to information just simply by putting on a pair of designer sunglasses one day.

One of the most anticipated fashion technologies that are on the brink of discovery is to have Internet access through a pair of glasses or contacts. Google is among the first companies to be in development for a pair of ‘terminator style’ augmented reality glasses. “Anticipated to go on sale before 2012 ends, the glasses will cost between $250 and $600.” (Meinhold). One of the most prevalent issues with the smart technology in glasses is privacy. Hypothetically the glasses could match people’s face’s with the capabilities of social networking and tell the user how many friends in common they have and any other personal information on the internet.

 This wearable technology doesn’t just stop there. There is research being done in the development of accessing the Internet through contact lenses, much like the glasses. The university of Washington is among the universities doing studies in this field. They did a study called “A Twinkle in the Eye” which has developed, in small numbers, contacts with electronic capabilities (Parviz, 2009). Dr Parviz and his students examine different ways they can produce images through the contact lenses. One such way is to use LED lights. The lights would require a second lens in order to project an image far enough away from the eye to where the eye can focus on it. Another option is to use lasers. A Blue, Green, and Red laser would be needed to produce the image and because of the nature of lasers the image would be sharper than with the LEDs. But producing lasers on such small-scale, and to make the components see-through so the wearer can see their surroundings at the same time, are issues that arise.

The technology that can be integrated into fashion is astounding and quickly in development. Before we know it our basic clothing can be the basis for people to live their lives through augmented reality. Not to mention the vast intellectual capabilities of having the access to all information at all times!



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