Blogging Day 7: Maison Olga

Maison Olga a new Emerging fashion house that started in Italy. This fashion house specializes in high quality Knitwear. “Laurence Zaoui – who, with Giulia Soche and Alberto Ferretto, make up the Maison Olga trio” (Iveson, 2012) Zaoui and Ferretto met though a mutual friend and started dating. They hooked up with Soche whose family has their own knitwear factory. Thus they formed Maison Olga to bring Quality knitwear at an affordable price to everyone. The L, G, and A in Olga is for the first letters in each of the threes name. The O was put on just to bring them all together. Between Zauoi and souche, the two have worked for the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier, Prada, and Louis Vitton. The line is refered to a lot as a French/Italian line because it was started in France. The lines have a definite French inspiration, but because the factory was in Italy, the trio moved to Italy to cut down on costs in the beginning.  Maison Olga is one of the top new design houses in Europe right now. It only a matter of time before the new knit look hits the states.


Iverson, B. (2012). Russh magazine. Retrieved from


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